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INTRO: 大概是人生阶段性的总结与展望,不定期更新。A summary of my recent life, updated from time to time.

2021/06/11 On Second Phase of Life, Passage of Time and On Interesting Human

Let’s start from a conversation with my mentor again:


I was having a dream (details omitted here), and I felt the passage of time after I woke up. Especially my mom’s passage of time. She has three phases of life: Growing up as a child with her family; Met my dad and start a new family; After my father died, raised me up by herself alone until now.

Now we have so many arguments, and her spirit began to age. Even though her wealth has accumulated to the peak, she has no one but me.

This reminded me of my mom as well, with slight difference for the third phase. After finally separated from my dad this year, my mom still regard me as a very important person to her, but at the same time she has began a life of independency and developed her own healthy intimate relationship with someone else. I’m very happy to see her change

I don’t want her to die slowly in waiting from aging, I want her to make new memories in the remaining precious time she has.

Then I thought of you, if you could have taste the taste of love, then you don’t have to keep running to the faraway places that would make you to throw away the past, just because you couldn’t have it.

Start your second phase of life early could also allow more time for those around you to live in your hopefulness.

Human’s hope, variants, and vitality, would all become hardened and worn out in the unconscious repetition of our routine life.

All the hopes and dreams that directed to the future, became present at the moment of realization. Or, turned into despair in the wasted time that never materialized.

After the realization, there’s no new vision, and life becomes the past after it enters the hovering period. Hopes and dreams then become memories, and there is little time left.

At this time node where I am realizing my dream with my love, with my mom, renovating my dream home. At this moment, I dreamed the passage of time. Then I cherish the people around me even more, hoping that they could all be treated well by their families and have a full package of life without having to chase the faraway places, or get stuck in memories.


Donation Log (EN) | 捐赠日志 Pinned

INTRO: This space is dedicated to keep track of the donations I made.

Monthly Donation

AnitaB Women in Tech Program - June 2021 to present - $13
AnitaB Tech Journey Fund - June 2021 to present - $37
Wikipedia - Jan 2021 to present - $1.75

One-Time Donation

AnitaB - June 4th - $37 - I’m very grateful that I was being selected as one of the Grace Hopper Scholars in 2019, and the experience at the conference was one of the best memories I have ever had. I hope more women can feel that they belong to the tech world.
Rutgers - June 4th - $1000 - For Students under DREAM Act - As a former student under DREAM Act, I will not be able to complete my schoolwork if Rutgers did not reduce my tuition to In-State rate. For all dreamers, I know how challenge it is mentally and physically to be a dreamer, please don’t give up.
AAPI - June 4th - $50 - After the massive shooting event targeted asian women happened earlier this year, I’m very grateful to be participatec AAPI’s Anti Asian Hate march and rally. It means a lot to me because my mom has the same occupation as those women being killed.

Poem Log (CN|EN) | 诗词日志 Pinned

INTRO: 记录我自己写的一些诗,打打酱油,知道不怎么样,但我的博客我爱放什么就放什么,哈哈。This space is dedicated to record the poems I wrote, I know they’re probably shitty, but I could do whatever I want in my blog haha. Again, thank you DeepL for translation :).

April 2021



Essai I
The sky is most beautiful after a short thunderstorm
Walking hand in hand in the meadow
Purple flowers over yellow flowers
White flowers cluster around pink flowers
Ask: Are we living in a dream?
Laughing: Why not slap yourself
Then get slapped
Continuing to walk and look up to the sky
Suddenly in a trance
Why am I not that tree, that grass, and that flower
Where does this first-person consciousness come from?


Book Log (CN) | 我的个人书单 Pinned

INTRO: 最近因为各种原因重新捡起了看书。以下是我最近在看的书和以前看过的,并觉得非常有价值的书:)。会不定期更新。


事实 | Factfulness: 比尔盖茨推荐的一本书,也是2021第一本读完的书。最让我触动的其实是作者们的态度。他们承认人的局限和软弱,但也相信人类不止步于此。我们不需要多高的智商或者是多先进的技术去理解并改变现状。只要我们能够保持好奇心,只要我们能够爽快的承认自己会错的离谱并从中学习:)。

时间的秩序 | The Order of Time: 卡洛·罗韦利(Carlo Rovelli)的科普书,通晓人性的物理学家兼职天使,可惜没有六星系列。“物体与事件的区别在于,物体在时间中持续存在,而事件的持续时间有限。石头是典型的”物体”,我们可以问它明天在哪里。与此相反,亲吻是一个”事件”,问这个吻明天在哪是没有意义的。世界由亲吻的网络组成,而非石头。”


Study Log (CN|EN) | 学习日志

INTRO: 这里用来更新我的每月学习日志。Update the things I have learned and studied in a monthly basis.


May 2021

The Art of Intimacy: Authentic Relating course level 1, looking forward to start it on May 25.

April 2021

Swift Fundamentals: Fundamental Swift course taught by Simon Allardice, didn’t get too deep (since it’s just a fundamental class), but nevertheless worth skimming through to avoid unnecessary confusion.


The Probability of Love (CN|EN) | 爱的概率

INTRO: 很荣幸被朋友邀请给她们的初创杂志Ejaculation | 寸身贡献了一篇短文。第一期的主题是「我恨你,I love you」。我觉得爱与恨其实同属同一个根源,而爱的反义词其实不是恨,而是不爱。I was honored to be invited by a friend to contribute a short article to their startup magazine Ejaculation | 寸身. The theme of the first issue is “I hate you, I love you”. I think love and hate actually belong to the same root, and the antonym of love is not hate, but unlove. The English version comes after the Chinese version. It was being translated by DeepL with some small edition made by myself. If you found any grammar errors, or want to suggest any better way of rephrasing the sentences, please let me know in the comments.








On Precision (CN) | 有关精确

INTRO: 缩短到5周的实习终于结束,我发现了一些有关精确的事。



On Education (CN) | 关于教育 (Last Update 07/12/2020)

2020/10/17 教育碎碎念

INTRO: 什么是好的教育?疫情下,教育也不得不被迫实施了这场大型的远程实验,而我们也不得不开始再次思考教育的本质。我很幸运的参加了一个每周探索小组探讨这些问题。



  1. 教材之间似乎总是缺乏某种叙事,如何让不同课程之间更加有联系?
  2. 如何实现商业教材上的变革,使学到的东西能够与现实接轨?
  3. 线上教育有什么创新?有什么坏处?(特别地,如何解决CS专业知识繁杂,不知道什么最有用的情况?)
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