Blogger Log (CN|EN) | 宝藏博主们

INTRO:Introduce bloggers/website I found amazing. 介绍一些让我觉得惊艳的博主。

Layla Martin: Relationship + Sex coaching, a lot of great sex education video on her Youtube channel.
Radical Engineers: Founded by Anouk Ruraak, working on real-life inequality issues. Wish they could have online meetups.
Tom Berman’s Skrupulus: Tom Berman is working on a very interesting project called Skrupulus. I’m pretty sure I have similar idea before but never executed. An application that “Linking random books from the library, we connect books by author, country and publication year”. Also in Anouk’s Radical Engineers’ team.

Jiewen Wang is a technologist who create interactive systems and provide solutions to foster design ideas. 博主的Hexo博客请戳这: Neko Lab.
Zhiheng Lin: Former programmer at Tencent, left the office in pursuit of life.
米米亚娜: Chinese feminist based in North America.
Carol Chen: A Genius Young Girl.
hardmaru: Super interesting HCI works based on ML.

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