Donation Log (EN) | 捐赠日志

INTRO: This space is dedicated to keep track of the donations I made.

Monthly Donation

AnitaB Women in Tech Program - June 2021 to present - $13
AnitaB Tech Journey Fund - June 2021 to present - $37
Wikipedia - Jan 2021 to present - $1.75

One-Time Donation

Emergency gift to support Texans’ access to abortion - September 4, 2021 - $100
AnitaB - June 4th, 2021 - $37 - I’m very grateful that I was being selected as one of the Grace Hopper Scholars in 2019, and the experience at the conference was one of the best memories I have ever had. I hope more women can feel that they belong to the tech world.
Rutgers - June 4th - $1000 - For Students under DREAM Act - As a former student under DREAM Act, I will not be able to complete my schoolwork if Rutgers did not reduce my tuition to In-State rate. For all dreamers, I know how challenge it is mentally and physically to be a dreamer, please don’t give up.
AAPI - June 4th, 2021 - $50 - After the massive shooting event targeted asian women happened earlier this year, I’m very grateful to be participatec AAPI’s Anti Asian Hate march and rally. It means a lot to me because my mom has the same occupation as those women being killed.

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