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博主自我介绍 (Blogger’s Self-Introduction) | 我对博主的认知 (My Impression toward the Blogger):

Jiewen Wang is a technologist who create interactive systems and provide solutions to foster design ideas. | 人机交互(Human-Computer Interaction)大神!
Blogger’s Hexo Blog | 博主的Hexo博客请戳这: Neko Lab

N/A | 个人印象是前端后端信手拈来的全栈(Full-Stack)大佬!

Masters student in Computer Science at Rutgers University | Super good at teaching complicated concepts with patience

My Own Recommendations | 自来水

Zhiheng Lin: Former programmer at Tencent, left the office in pursuit of life.
米米亚娜: Chinese feminist based in North America (北美华人女权大V).
Carol Chen: A Genius Young Girl
hardmaru: Super interesting HCI works based on ML.
Yuval Noah Harari: No need to say.


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