This is the final project I made for Mars College 2022.
I borrowed 5 questions from my mentor and used them to interview Martians one by one. 
At the end of each interview, I asked the Martian what questions they wanted to ask other Martians, and then I put down that question into my question set for the next Martian to be interviewed. 
I originally thought that I could build up an interesting narrative from the answers I gathered, but then as I reviewed the questions with my mentor, we realized that a lot of the questions are very disconnected. 
Most of the questions are actually a very good topic for a good conversation to get to know each other. But those questions are as pointless as asking what is your favorite color. What we really want is to know the one and only first-handed experience that shapes the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the interviewee. The questions made them pause and think about their core self. 
So we decided that instead of presenting the answers, what if we present the questions instead, and ask the bots to answer them. In fact, the questions themselves are already the answers. I ordered the questions from the least connected to the most connected, and only presented the human answers for the last question. 
Special thanks to my mentor, his work I Love You Forever Now inspired me to make this documentary. Also special thanks to Xander, for allowing me to use his that took the visuals in my work to another level. And last but not least my beloved jmill, who built the AI discord bot infrastructure that later became the main source of material and fun in this documentary.

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