Linux Kernel Development (CN|EN) | Linux内核编译

All Contents are Credited to @Longfei Qiu

INTRO: It’s all started with a conversation I had with Longfei, my 314 course TA, who is a very talented programmer. After final I was trying to ask him if I could learn anything from him, and he asked if I want to learn linux kernel programming, a topic he is very interested in that touches the very bottom of computers’ operating system. I was like why not? And here it is. The original tutorial he wrote is in Chinese and I’ll post the original tutorial below. The translation of the original tutorial is authorized, and I’ll sometimes add comments colored in blue in the following content to note some tips and things I have learned by following his tutorial. His tutorial is both technical and entertaining as you would not only learn the technical part of his tutorial but also the rich history behind linux kernel programming. Hopefully whoever is also interested in this topic would benefit from this post. All discussions are welcomed!

中文版请戳这: Linux Kernel Programming Part 1


Memory Echos (CN) | 记忆的回声

INTRO: 刚搬完家,因为偶然在Spotify上听到了2013年 salyu x salyu 的歌 「じぶんがいない」后大脑瞬间把我拉回了高中时代。这首歌在当时循环了几遍后就再也没有遇到过,但听到的那一刻就认了出来,也在今天才知道这首歌与攻壳机动队有关。大脑的记忆储存机制果然非常神奇。前不久李银河在wb上说人类的最终姿态即是孤独的。但即使知道这点,我还是想要理解与被理解,想要表达,想被看到,以此去拥抱那些流逝在时空里的人。


Hexo Deployment(CN) | Hexo + Vultr 部署避坑指南

INTRO: 因为想要的课没选上所以打算写一篇避坑指南增加一些人品。以下是我在部署hexo博客到vultr服务器的时候遇到的一些bug和解决方案。希望能够有所帮助。系统用的是Vultr服务器的Centos 8, 如果用的是Ubuntu的话一些指令的前缀有可能会有些不一样,此时启动谷歌即可。可能会夹杂一些中二词汇,尽请谅解,嗝。


$ yum install -y gcc gcc-c++ make git openssl
$ yum install -y nginx
$ yum update and yum install -y nodejs
$ systemctl enable nginx and systemctl start nginx

About Memory (CN) | 有关记忆

INTRO: 最近在阅读Eric Kandel的书。以下是一些总结。写作是理清思维的极好的一个方式。因为只读到了40%左右,所以大概会不定期更新。

摘抄 | 想法



(1) 动物脑中存在的化学性突触远多于电突触,这可能反映了化学传递较之于电传递的根本优势:它具有介导各种形式的学习及储存的能力。

想法: 这段让我感到有些好奇,为什么化学传递会拥有更强大的学习及储存能力?同时也带出了一个非常有意思的研究方向。第三代神经网络虽然相较于之前两代的神经网络拥有更加稳固的生物基底,但模拟的神经元本身依然是相当单一的。如果想要创造更高维度的神经网络,那么是否需要将其他”媒介“也考虑进去呢?还是说信息学习与信息储存是可以独立于物质的,并且代码甚至可以模拟任意生化媒介的特性呢?


Blogger Log (CN|EN) | 宝藏博主们

INTRO:Introduce bloggers/website I found amazing. 介绍一些让我觉得惊艳的博主。

Layla Martin: Relationship + Sex coaching, a lot of great sex education video on her Youtube channel.
Radical Engineers: Founded by Anouk Ruraak, working on real-life inequality issues. Wish they could have online meetups.
Tom Berman’s Skrupulus: Tom Berman is working on a very interesting project called Skrupulus. I’m pretty sure I have similar idea before but never executed. An application that “Linking random books from the library, we connect books by author, country and publication year”. Also in Anouk’s Radical Engineers’ team.

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