We already have a lot of rental apps - why another one? ‍ 2 reasons -
1. Affordable CostΒ (because you're renting rooms from your friends)
2. High-quality human interactionΒ (because your friend or your friend's roommates can show you around the local places and have a good conversation with you). ‍ 
This web app is majorly focused on people who know each other in a community. After the pandemic, the need for genuine human connection has increased and as result, people start to form communities around them. My co-living space, 706NY, was born in such a circumstance. Various DAO communities have also emerged rapidly during the pandemicΒ as people start to realize they could choose to live elsewhere and be a digital nomads.
This project is divided into 2 parts -
1. Community Member -Β A community member can post a free spot in their own place and open itΒ to people who are also in the same community.
2. Community Steward
Community stewards can share free space within the community (e.g. year-long Couchsurfer program) that is open to the community members.

Community members' posts are linked to the community page, meaning that the web app will automatically create a post feed under each community for its own members to exchange their spaces.
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